Life is full of and about challenges, and can wreak havoc on your emotions.

You can go from feeling happiness, depression, sadness, frustration, victorious and at some point questioning yourself. You will eventually find out who you truly are and your capabilities by keep pushing forward.

Career Change

I have decided to change career directions. For those of you who didn’t know, I had been modeling for the past six (6) years doing various shoots, thus far….fashion, boudoir, glamour, fetish, artistic and implied nudes. I will continue to model fashion occasionally. My goal now is focused generally on helping local small businesses and entrepreneurs which includes growing their business and customer base, and increasing visibility, and digital marketing.

In the end, I am doing what makes me happy and more beneficial for my future. Some of you may think I am just another confused soul. I know I’m more than just another body. When I was shooting I gave my audience a glimpse inside of my heart, my personality, and spirit. During that time, I came to the conclusion it’s time I started making a difference, to make others happy with their life choices.

I say this to advise you; if you are not happy with what you are doing in life and dread what you’re doing each day, then its time to make some changes. Yes, you will face challenges and you will face some difficulties, but if you know deep down that there’s something you really want to do; something you’re passionate about, I say go for it.

I want to thank those who continue to support and encourage me, and sharing their experiences with me. I can’t thank you enough for standing by my decision. I’m looking forward to assisting some of you with your ventures.

Photography by:  DAW Studios Inc

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